Check Out my Empex Talk on Phoenix Channels: The Right Way to Track Users in Real-Time

I attended Empex last year for the first time. Empex is an awesome, dynamic, inspiring, one-day Elixir conference. As an Elixir newbie, I had no idea what anyone was talking about. And I hated it! (Okay, I kind of loved it). It really gave me a kick in the butt… »

Ruby Custom Class Macros with Class Instance Variables

Class macros are class methods that are only used when a class is defined. They allow us to dry up shared code at across classes. In this post, we'll build a custom class macro that leverages class instance variables to define class-specific attributes. Shared Code at the Class Level We'll… »

Custom Form Validation in React with Redux Middleware

Redux provides a clean architecture for state management. So why do we continue to muddy our components with complex validation logic? Instead, let's leverage Redux, with the help of some custom middleware! Redux and State Management This post was originally published on the TuneCore Tech Blog––check it out! Redux… »

Junior Dev Survival Guide: How To Communicate Clearly About Code (Especially When It Doesn't Work)

Talking words into someone else's face is hard. Especially when those words are meant to describe a frustrating bug. Developers at any level, but especially juniors, often struggle to communicate clearly about their code to team members, making it hard to solve problems together. Strengthen your debugging communication skills with… »

Building an Elixir Umbrella App with Phoenix and React: Part III

Building a Phoenix 1.3 with React + Redux App You can check out parts I and II here and here. Building the Phoenix Child App Our Phoenix app will be pretty simple. It will take in a list of song ISRCs, rely on the Deliveries app to make a request… »