I Want To Be Lost In Space, or, What I Love About Programming

Remember the 1998 remake of Lost In Space? source That's not what this post is about. Let me start again. This past Friday, we at the Flatiron School graduated another cohort of developers. This is a group of 26 people who threw themselves headfirst into a marathon of learning for… »

Rails 5 Action Cable with Multiple Chatroom Subscriptions

In my apparently never-ending quest to do more Action Cable all the time, I decided to tackle a implementation of Rail 5's Action Cable with multiple chatroom subscriptions. While the newly updated Rails docs provide excellent explanations and examples, there does seem to be a dearth of info on setting… »

Load Testing Rails 5 Action Cable with Tsung

As more and more developers begin to implement Rails 5 with Action Cable in order to deliver real-time features, people have been asking me--"how does it scale?" My answer so far has been--I don't know! So, I set out to do some basic load testing on our earlier Action… »

Deploying React + Redux to Heroku

In my ongoing quest to prove to myself that React is awesome, and not just a Facebook conspiracy, in this post we'll be deploying our CatBook application to Heroku! You can checkout the code for this post here, and view a deployed version of the application here (feel free to… »

JWT Authentication with React + Redux

As part of my ongoing attempts to can has React + Redux, I spent some time yesterday building authentication flow into my CatBook React/Redux app, using JWT. This post will take us through the sign-in flow for our React app, illustrate one way to build out a dynamic Header component… »