Elixir Tricks: Building a Recursive List#delete_all Function

Elixir's List module provides us with a number of handy functions for operating on lists, including a delete function that works like this: List.delete([1, 2, 3], 1) => [2, 3] But what if we want to remove all occurrences of a particular element from our list? The List… »

Elixir Tricks: Building a Recursive Function to List All Files in a Directory

Let's use Elixir to build a simple function to list out all of the files in a directory with subdirectories. We'll need to list out all of the files and folders in the top-level directory and iterate over them. If the item we are iterating over is a file, we'll… »

Rails API Painless Error Handling and Rendering

Are you sick and tired of handling endless exceptions, writing custom logic to handle bad API requests and serializing the same errors over and over? What if I told you there was a way to abstract away messy and repetitive error raising and response rendering in your Rails API? A… »

Real-Time React with Socket.io: Building a Pair Programming App

The best things are real-time things, so I won't bore you with another introduction on why we all need to build real-time features into our applications. People want to chat and share files and collaborate on documents and projects and put pictures of cats on things in real-time. So, how… »

The React + Redux Container Pattern

Building Responsive Applications, Cleanly, is Hard The first large (okay, more like medium) scale application I built in React was pretty straightforward. It was a simple CRUD application for managing your very own list of cats and their associated hobbies (so fun). Being so straightforward, it wasn't too difficult to… »