Using Agent to Maintain Channel State in Phoenix

In my previous post, we used Phoenix Presence to track user presence in a given "challenge room" (think: chat room). In this post, we'll build our own Agent-backed module to track channel state that does not pertain to user presence. In our pair programming app, the shared text-editor is accompanied… »

Tracking User State with Phoenix Presence, React and Redux

In any application, you may need to track user involvement in real-time features. In a gaming, chatting or otherwise real-time and interactive application, we want to track things like which users are present in a chat/game/live stream or who is typing a message/shooting aliens/streaming a thing.… »

JWT Auth with Phoenix and React Router 4

Since I clearly cannot get enough of JWT authentication, here's a look at how to use it to authenticate your shiny new Phoenix API with a React + Redux front-end application, using React Router 4. In this post, we'll cover: Using React Router 4 to set up both regular and authenticated… »

Recursive Ruby: Converting Binary to Base-10

In my previous post, we (all the math n00bs out there) learned the secrets of the Binary system. We came to understand the basic formula for taking a binary number and converting it to its Base-10 (human-friendly) counterpart. To sum up: Take the digit at each index (indices start at… »

Understanding File Permissions, or: Binary for 4th Graders

No One Does Math(s) These Days When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and become a doctor. You may already know this, but I am not a doctor. Why? Well, it turns out that in order to practice medicine, you have to be able to do… »