Testing External Requests in Elixir? Roll Your Own Mock Server

What should you do when testing Elixir code that makes web requests to an external API? We don't want to let our code make those requests during a test run––we'll slow down our tests and potentially use up API rate limits. We could mock such requests with the help… »

Run Ecto Migrations in Production with Distillery's Boot Hooks

You need to run you're migrations with the production release of your Elixir app, in your production environment. You can't use mix! You can use Ecto Migrator. Read on to find out how to run your Ecto migrations in production using Distillery's Boot Hooks. The Problem Coming from a Rails… »

JWT Auth in Phoenix with Joken

JSON Web Tokens, or JWTs, allow us to authenticate requests between the client and the server by encrypting authentication information into a secure, compact JSON object that is digitally signed. In this post, we'll use the Joken library to implement JWT auth in a Phoenix app. We'll focus on JWTs… »

How To Get Un-Stuck

This post is a preview of content you'll get by subscribing to Break In––a newsletter for people learning to code, looking for their first dev jobs or working hard in those first jobs. Break In shares real experiences and advice from real devs who have been through it before.… »

Coming Soon: Break In To Tech

I'm launching a thing! The Break In newsletter will share the resources, advice and experiences of bootcamp grads and self-taught programmers who broke into the tech world from lots of different backgrounds. It will provide answers to all the burning questions you have––whether you're just starting to learn to… »