Building Dynamic Outputs with Terraform Expressions and Functions

We know we can define a Terraform module that produces output for another module to use as input. But how can we build dynamic output from a module that creates a set resources, and format that output just right to act as input elsewhere? It's possible with the help of… »

Knock Down Your House: Refactoring and The Creative Process

Recently, my team and I were tasked with the holy grail of assignments--a greenfield project. We were writing brand new code in a brand new app to meet brand new requirements. Like many developers, we jumped at this chance to design our own codebase and solve a new set of… »

Elixir and The Beam: How Concurrency Really Works

This post was originally published on the Flatiron Labs blog. Check it out here for more awesome content by The Flatiron School's technology team. Elixir and The Beam: How Concurrency Really WorksElixir has become famous as the shiny new “concurrent” programming language, with more and more former OO devotees flocking… »

Elixir Test Mocking with Mox

Building an api client mock and learning to love mocks-as-nouns This post was originally published on the Flatiron Labs blog, The Flatiron School Technology Team's blog. Check out more awesome Flatiron Labs posts here. Why We Need MoxIn a recent post, we talked about the age-old question: How can you… »

Walk-Though of Phoenix Live View

It's here! Phoenix Live View leverages server-rendered HTML and Phoenix's native WebSocket tooling so you can build fancy real-time features without all that complicated JavaScript. If you're sick to death of writing JS (I had a bad day with Redux, don't ask), then this is the library for you! Phoenix… »